Egg Flats – The XL Sleever Flat

Our egg filler flats are manufactured with the latest technology, these egg flats are strong, durable and feature a fine-finish. Made from 100% recycled paper and cardboard. One egg flat holds a total of 30 eggs (5 eggs x 6 eggs) and can hold medium, large and x-large egg sizes. Each tray measures 11.6″ x 11.8″. Packaged in a bundle of 140 egg filler flats.

Egg Cartons

Our molded pulp egg cartons are made with 100% recycled paper & cardboard. Manufactured with the highest quality and features a smooth finish. Holds medium, large and x-large egg sizes. 2 x 6 cell egg carton holds a dozen eggs.

Environmentally friendly

Our egg cartons are made from molded pulp, meaning it’s made from 100% recycled paper.  

Pulp Egg Cartons have a ton of benefits over foam and plastic egg cartons.